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Seller Tips

It’s all about that “First Impression”

In preparing your home for sale, it is important to envision your home through a “Buyer’s eye.” Fact is, people purchase what they see, not “what it is going to be.” Now is the time to make your home as Buyer-friendly as possible.


Most buyers select their home based on emotion and then justify their decision with facts. Remember, your home will be compared to model homes, homes that may been professionally decorated, and homes that have no children, no pets, and Mr. and Mrs. Perfectionist as owners. This is how we will put ourselves ahead of our competition– in the way your home shows. After reading this, don™t be overwhelmed ” call me for an objective opinion on necessary items. It could save you a lot of time and money!

Let’s Start With The Outside:

  • Check the roof.  If any area is lifting, get it repaired! This will avoid future problems.


  • Service A/C Unit.  We don’t want a broken unit or last minute liability problems. If any panels are rusted or the paint is peeling “get it repaired”! Get the furnace burners cleaned so the inspector won’t diagnose a possibly cracked heat exchanger.


  • Clear perimeter of home as well as patios of all small items.  This means toys, barbecues, garbage cans, building materials, tools, etc. Pack them in storage, or away at a friend’s house.


  • Un-clutter that garage.  The best advice is to remove everything, hose the place down and paint the floor porch grey if necessary. Then organize everything you put back piece by piece, get rid of what you don’t need (then you won’t have to pay to move it to your next house). Storage sheds should be organized the same way. Storage is important to people looking at a new home “make it look like you have space to spare”!


  • Oil and grease stains in the driveway can be absorbed with kitty litter.  Just don’t forget to remove the litter when you are through!


  • Trim shrubs away from home.  (especially windows) and touch up existing landscaping. Homes with no landscaping lose incredible value in the mind of the buyer ” either because of effort, expense, or both. Well placed blooming flowers can add appeal with minimal expense. Weed planting areas and keep lawn freshly mowed and edged.


  • If painting is required.  (too personal of a color, maybe outdated) choose a neutral color. Drive by a couple of neighborhoods that cost $50-100,000 more than your neighborhood and copy one of their color schemes. If nothing else, give a great first impression of your home by putting a fresh coat of paint or stain on the front door and trim.


Now Let’s Go Inside:

  • Go through every room.  Pack up 30% of everything that isn’t a piece of furniture and maybe even some that are if they overpower the room. If this sounds extreme, go to model homes and look inside at their countertops and coffee tables. Selling your home for the highest dollar doesn’t always make it convenient for the moment. Since you’re moving away, advance packing is the key. Neatly store packed boxes floor to ceiling in a corner of the garage.


  • Create the perception of roominess.  This means pack all non-essential items from cabinets and closets. Neatly coordinate and organize necessary items that are left (this will help you keep organized with your move as well). Excess personal items such as photos, awards, etc., should be packed to allow potential buyers to see this as their home.


  • If new flooring is needed, use contemporary neutral shades.  lighter colors work great for creating a cleaner larger space. If carpet pad is worn below 5/8 or pets have done a number one (or two) on it, replace it with a very thick one and then an appropriate grade of carpeting for the price range of the house. Existing carpet, tile, or vinyl in good condition should be thoroughly scrubbed or cleaned. Pay special attention to dirt or wax build up on corners and around baseboards.


  • White painted walls are best.  If painted walls are not in great shape, try scrubbing a test area. If repainting is needed, flat latex should be used throughout with semi-gloss latex in kitchens and baths. Wood paneling can be cleaned with a mixture of 1T turpentine, 3T olive oil, and 1 qt. warm water, then wipe dry. Wall paper should be clean and up to date. If not, spraying with window cleaner first makes it easier to strip. Paint or re-wallpaper depending on the condition of the wall. Sponge painting is also an attractive, easy alternative.


  • Details. Repair badly cracked plaster, loose knobs, and crooked light fixtures. Correct faulty plumbing. Leaky faucets can strain fixtures and attract attention to plumbing defects. To remove mineral stains, pour hydrogen peroxide on the stain then sprinkle with cream of tartar. Leave for 30 minutes before scrubbing. Bad stains may require 203 applications. Do you do windows? Well you should, and with newspaper and white vinegar. Windows should be cleaned inside AND out as well as mini-blinds and curtains.


  • Take a deep breath now for the kitchen.  Appliances should be spotless- undiluted vinegar works on grease and grime. Baking soda will remove odors from the fridge without scratching. Hot salt water down the drain twice a week controls odors as well as grinding citrus peels or apple cores in the garbage disposal


  • Another breath, it’s bathroom time.  Scrubbing everything goes without saying- reglaze tubs or sinks if rusted and recaulk tub and shower. Clean tile grout with Tilex, fixtures with white vinegar and rust spots with Zud. If your tub has residue from old permanent fixtures that have seen better days, a kerosene soaked cloth will remove those too. Remaining adhesive traces can be removed by rubbing with a cloth and cooking oil. Leave out one set of coordinated towels to give instructions to your family to look but do not touch (and you said you would never have towels you didn™t actually use!)


  • Relax.  Now we need to address you pet lovers. During showings noisy pets should be kept out of sight and earshot (if possible). Unfortunately, getting pet odors out of the way isn’t as easy. Carpet that has been repeatedly stained with animal urine will probably need to be replaced to get rid of the lingering odor. This means the carpet, pad, carpet strips, baseboard trim, and even the sub flooring may need to be treated. A small uncovered dish of vinegar in the room where you pet sleeps will remove the doggy smells (but keep it off the floor so your dog doesn’t drink it!). Add a cup of baking soda to kitty litter to absorb odors there and please relocate the litter box if it is in the shower or tub. To non-cat lovers this makes your shower or tub mentally off-limits.


  • Ambiance.  Yes, pleasurable lighting and aromas play important parts in someone’s first impression of being in a new place. Nowadays cigarette smoke is offensive to many people, so all traces of smoking should be gone when showing your home. Glade plug-ins work well, so do unscented candles, fragrant fresh flowers, or even the proverbial vinegar in a dish (out of sight). As for lighting: the brighter the better- especially in smaller homes or homes without vaulted ceilings. During the day all blinds and drapes and blinds, should be open (so your yards have to be clean). At night close all drapes and blinds, and adding candle light if effective. Television should be off; soft background music is preferable. Temperature should be comfortably warm or moderately cool depending on the season.


  • Last but not least, three’s a crowd.  Let the buyer and their agent feel free to talk with each other without distraction or pressure.



Preparing Your Home for an Inspection:


  • Are there horizontal or vertical cracks in the foundation wall?
  • Does the grading around the house direct rain water away from the foundation?
  • Are any roof shingles missing?
  • Are the gutters and down spouts connected and secured to the house?
  • Are the gutters and down spouts clean and free from debris and weeds?
  • Is the exterior wood trim in good condition?
  • Is the wood trim around the doors in good condition?
  • Are there any wood surfaces in direct contact with soil?
  • Are stair or porch railing loose?
  • Are the wood or concrete steps in good condition?
  • Does any of the siding need repair or replacement?
  • Are any of the landscape timbers rotted?
  • Do the retaining walls or fences need repair?


  • Do walls and ceilings surfaces have holes and cracks that need patching?
  • Do all the windows have operable latches?
  • Can all the windows have cracked panes or broken seals?
  • Do windows need caulking?
  • Are any of the windows painted shut?
  • Are stair railings loose?
  • Are moldings loose, broken or missing?
  • Do interior doors sticks, open and close?
  • Are kitchen or bathroom tiles cracked?
  • Can you explain the existence or repair of old water penetration stains on walls or ceilings?
  • Does the chimney damper open and close properly?
  • Does the chimney need cleaning?
  • Does the chimney motear need pointing?
  • Is there insulation present in the attic?
  • Is the insulation in the attic blocking attic vents?
  • Is there a distracting amount of clutter in any of the rooms that would prevent a thorough inspection?
  • Are there any signs of insect infestation?


  • Are any receptacles, switches on their covers broken or loose?
  • Are all receptacles hot and switches operable?
  • Do any light bulbs, fluorescence or cosmetic lights need replacing?
  • Do the ceiling fans work properly?
  • Do the reset buttons of GFCI receptacles pop out when test button is pressed?
  • Do the front and back door bells work?
  • Is the main electrical service wire entering the home secured to the exterior of the house?
  • Do the electrical junction boxes have covers?
  • Do the smoke alarms function when tested?
  • Do all the electrical range-top burners and ovens work?
  • Does the kitchen over fans work?
  • Does the dishwasher work properly?
  • Does the garbage disposal work?


  • Do the bases of the faucets leak?
  • Do the faucets shut off completely, preventing water from dripping?
  • Are the faucets and shower heads screens clear, allowing full water flow?
  • Are any drains clogged?
  • Do the stopper mechanisms of sinks and bathtubs open and close properly?
  • Is there insulation on the water pipes in unheated area of the home?
  • Is there access to the mail water shut off valve?
  • Are the bathtub and shower enclosures properly caulked?
  • Are the toilets loose at the top or at the tank?
  • Are all exterior water faucets loose or dripping?

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Success Stories

  • Weddy Carter and Action Realty were incredible in assisting us in locating and purchasing our first home. Weddy was extremely accessible and helpful, always more than willing to meet with us and answer our questions in a timely and professional manner. She was instrumental in ensuring that we found a home appropriately priced, was within our budget and more than meet our needs. Weddy went above and beyond her responsibilities to ensure our experience was fun, exciting, and successful! Weddy is an awesome person and I would highly recommend both her and Action Realty to anyone!

    Amber Mitchell
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  • Lauren made the process of buying a home so easy. She was on the spot with answers to all my questions and even found a great lender for me.

    Matt Morris
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    ´╗┐Frankie Bristow
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  • Our Realtor was Lauren Borrelli. She was very knowledgeable and friendly. She was there every step of the way. I would definitely recommend her and Action Realty to my friends.

    Julio Larios
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  • I would like to thank Lauren Borrelli of Action Realty for handling the sale of my home. The sale went quickly and without any problems for me because of her. She was very professional and yet very personal in helping me with this move. Again, thank you, THANK YOU!!

    Vermelle D. Graham
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  • Lauren was very helpful in helping us find a house. She answered any questions we had and was available day and night. I would recommend her to my friends and family!

    Christina Johnson
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  • Rachel Lane was very helpful by explaining and walking us through the home buying procedures and was so patient with us when we didn’t understand or if things didn’t go as planned. Her willingness to do whatever we needed/wanted helped our home buying experience go smoothly.

    Jeff and Melanie
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  • “Rachel, You did a great job! – Thank you.”

    Mr. Johnson
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    Mr & Mrs. Littlefield
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  • This was our first home buying experience and it couldn’t have gone any better. David was always helpful and made this so incredibly easy for us. We were very pleased!

    Courtney Goodson
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  • From day one David Washington has been completely comforting and made this an enjoyable experience. He was east to reach and willing to put in the time to make sure we found our perfect home.

    H. C. Redfield
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  • It has been an extreme, seamless, pleasure working with Weddy Carter and Action Realty. She exceeded all of our expectations. She made selling our home very easy and worry free. We would highly recommend Weddy Carter to anyone who needs to sell a home fast! Not only she was our Realtor, but she became a friend! Thank you so VERY much!

    James & Christine Wainright
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  • Professional from start to finish is the service that we got. We could not have found a better Realtor than Weddy Carter. When we started the process, she left no questions unanswered. Every step of the way she kept us informed of what was going on. I personally like to use people that come recommended to me, but in looking for a Realtor this time I went with experience, reviews, and how fast she gets results.

    Annie & Anthony Scott
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  • When my husband and I moved to this area we contacted Weddy Carter with Action Realty to assist us with the purchase of our first home. Weddy was exceptional and provided first class service! She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and walked us through the buying process and explained everything to us every step of the way.

    Aaron and Rosita Goodrum
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  • After meeting Weddy Carter five years ago, I knew that she would be the only one trusted person to sell my house while I lived several states away…Call it gut feeling! It was her strategic preparation plan coupled with years of experience and the great team she surrounds herself with that made a difference.

    Muminah Abdullah
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  • This experience was a joyful one for us. After 25 years in military service, our first home buying experience with Weddy could not have been better. Absolutely first rate!

    Steve & Barbara Schwaiger
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  • Weddy Carter was the most professional and energetic realtor I’ve ever worked with! Her meticulous attention to detail, tireless effort and intuitive nature ensured that we found the right tenant to rent our home. She is an agent with a bundle of positive energy who is finely focused on obtaining superior results.

    Grant Thomas
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  • We made an excellent choice in selecting Weddy Carter as our agent to sell our home in “Farmington”. The property SOLD in two weeks!!! We were amazed by our agent’s professionalism, hard work and extreme attention to details which made the entire process stress free and seamless. We will always recommend Action Realty to anyone!

    Ruby Parks
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  • Weddy Carter, We cannot thank you enough for selling our home in FOUR DAYS!

    You need…

    To sell or buy a home with a finger snap…Weddy Carter

    To sleep at night while your agent is working…Weddy Carter

    Arthur & Yemi Solomon
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  • Weddy carter and Action Realty were incredible in assisting us in locating and purchasing our first home. Weddy was extremely accessible and helpful, always more than willing to meet with us and answer our questions in a timely and professional manner. She was instrumental in ensuring that we found a home appropriately priced, was within our budget and more than meet our needs. Weddy went above and beyond her responsibilities to ensure our experience was fun, exciting, and successful! Weddy is an awesome person and I would highly recommend both her and Action Realty to anyone!

    Amber Mitchell
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  • My agent Weddy Carter was a joy to work with. She is very knowledgeable and professional about her business. She is also very client friendly and if I needed anything I could call or email her and she would respond! Not only she would respond but she would take care of the matter right away. She is by far the best and would love to work with her again in the future.

    Klancy Friday
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    Johnny & Lafondra Brown
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  • Weddy Carter and Action Realty is the best we have dealt with hands down. The professionalism and “wanting to please” attitude is felt every step of the way. From the moment we walked in the door it felt as though we were family. This may be hard to believe, but it is true. We found a house in less than 10-days because of Weddy.

    Stephen & Maria Decker
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  • Weddy’s professionalism and person-ability exceeded my expectations. She was helpful and available. Also she gave great advice. She was honest and up front but always constructive. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is truly a joy & talent to work with!

    Laura Bitto
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  • Weddy is very professional and easy to work with. The entire home buying process was made very simple and Weddy was AMAZING!

    Derek Welch
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  • Weddy Carter is the epitome of professionalism! She is an extremely knowledgeable real estate agent and she leads from the front. My home buying experience was fantastic and I give Weddy Carter all the credit. She worked out a really great deal for me and I am 100% satisfied with the service I received from my agent. Simply OUTSTANDING!

    Brian Mills
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  • Weddy Carter knows her job and took the time to make sure we were happy with the whole buying process. She is a true professional.

    Roy & Diane Evans
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  • Our Agent was Weddy Carter and she was a dream come true. She was just what we needed. She gave us ideas to prepare our home for selling and explained everything to us in detail. She was available and returned all of our calls in a timely manner. I especially like the fact she kept us informed on the interest of buyers and walked my wife and I through the selling process.

    Mr. & Mrs. Callahan
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  • My real estate agent Mrs. Carter is a true professional and always provided outstanding customer service. My Hubby and I really appreciate her efforts on selling the house. Mrs Carter made the entire process of selling the house completely stress free. Her hard work and dedication was instrumental in selling the house.

    John & Melissa Terry
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  • What can I say except that, I am completely pleased with the full service provided to me by Weddy Carter of Action Realty. She knows when and how to take action! She clearly has the knack and sound judgment needed for guiding a quick and fruitful home sale. She is an extremely dedicated hard worker who aligns with your needs precisely. She has an outstanding wealth of knowledge and a great eye for details. She most certainly delivers! This is my second transaction with Weddy and I will most likely utilize her services again!

    Diane Willis
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  • Weddy Carter is #1 in my book. She listed my townhouse and it was sold in 3 weeks! That is amazing in today’s market. I would definitely recommend Weddy to anyone who is in the market to buy or sell a home!

    Cindy Lambert
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  • Working with Weddy has been a pleasure. She sure knows her stuff! Her professionalism and her advice were essential to the sale of our home. She was very proactive and advertised our home in every media possible. Weddy also kept us informed every step of the way.

    Ian & Rebeca Rosado
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  • One word to describe Weddy Carter as a realtor “Awesome”. Our home was on the market less than a week and we received a great offer. We closed in less than a month! Thank you Weddy for all you have done.

    Jeff Jeglum
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  • It is with much thanks that I say to you Weddy, that I am so grateful I had you as my Realtor. I feel very comfortable trusting you to deliver the type of service I needed during such an emotional time. You were everything I needed and more!

    Diane Willis
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  • Weddy Carter and Action Realty are fantastic, very supportive and overall a TERRIFIC real estate agency. Weddy helped me out in every way possible. I strongly refer all to Action realty. Thank you again Action Realty!

    David Pitre
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  • I am very pleased with the excellent customer service provided by Action Realty. My assigned agent Weddy Carter was extremely professional and took care of every need. For example, when I needed specific things done to my home, Ms. Carter knew just the right person/business to call! Every reference of Action Realty responded to Ms. Carter by adjusting their schedules and accommodate all of my needs. I am extremely satisfied and have begun recommending Action Realty to others!

    Noel and Lydia Schneeberger
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  • As first time sellers, we were very nervous in regards to the entire selling process. Weddy Carter of Action Realty was the most professional, trustworthy and courteous realtor throughout the entire process. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

    Travis and Carla Williams
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  • “Rachel was an absolute pleasure to work with! I went into the home buying process expecting to have to do all the leg work and for it to be stressful but Rachel did everything she could to ensure that the whole process was as easy as possible . Thanks to her I had a great first time home buying experience!”

    Chris Whatley
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  • ” Rachel was very helpful throughout the entire process, and still is after. She was very knowledgeable and answered any questions we had promptly. She was also very flexible with our schedules to show us properties. Any offer or proposal we had made she was quick to act, and get what we needed done and ready for us. She handled every situation very professional she was able to respond to us in an effective manor and help us close on the right house.”

    Tiffany and David
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  • “Lauren was amazing!! She answered every question with knowledge. I could call her at anytime and she was happy to help. Thank you so much!!”

    Jaime Moore
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