The ONE Thing You HAVE to Do Before You Buy that Home

Finding the right home involves more than just finding the right property. The location plays an important role too (obviously). Okay location is more than important – it’s a huge deal.

The last thing you want is to be dazzled into buying what looks like your dream home, only to discover later that the location makes it inconvenient to get to work, school, and other activities.

(Let’s be real. It could be even worse: What if your new street is the #1 hangout for all the people you can’t stand? Just kidding, we know you get along with everyone. #ButStill #WhatIf)

So when you see a property you like, take a drive around the area.

  • Drive to the local school your kids will be attending.
  • Drive to the highway you take to work.
  • Drive to activities you and your family enjoy, such as golf, movies, and swimming.
  • Drive by in the morning.
  • Drive by in the afternoon.
  • Drive by in the evening.
  • Drive by on the weekend.

(Don’t worry: you might feel a little stalker-esque, but as long as you don’t creep very slowly by the house in question, no one will notice.)

In a nutshell, spending some time exploring the area by car will give you a good feel for what life will be like once you live there, so make sure this is on your list of things you MUST do before you buy your new home.

That’ll do it for today! And remember – we’re experts at this stuff. So if you need help or advice? Just call!