Top 10 Features that Sell Your Home

When buyers shop for a new home, they typically start by viewing properties that meet a specific criteria… four bedrooms, a finished basement, a quiet neighborhood, etc.

But often there is something special about a home that catches a buyer’s eye that can very well tip the scales toward your home.

Think about it. How many times have you heard someone who has just purchased a home say something like, “Wow, the recreational room is fantastic!” Or, “The golf course is just a mile up the road!” Or, “There’s a great school just four blocks away.”

So when you list your home for sale, think about the really, really, REALLY special features that might get a similar reaction from buyers.

For example, you might have a view out your living room window that’s really, really great. There might be a local playground that’s especially well-equipped and clean. Your home might be located near a local sporting centre, convenient for families who have kids involved in sports.

So when you create your list of features, highlight those that are really, REALLY great and make sure potential buyers are aware of them. You might just list the ONE feature that prompts a buyer to make an offer.

I know, I know: You thought I was going to TELL you what the top 10 desired features are, but every home is different, so it would be WAY more productive for you to give us a call today so we can tell you what YOUR home’s top features are! Talk to you soon!