Top 5 Tips for Hiring the Right Moving Company

If you’ve ever used a moving company before, you’re likely aware of what a horror it can be – damage to your belongings, lost items, late arrivals, poor customer service… the list goes on (and there’s much worse). How do you select the best moving company for your needs?

  1. Ask for recommendations of who (or who not) to hire. If your friends and family already have experience with a company, it’s best to use that to your advantage.
  2. Beware of fly-by-night operations. They may seem like a bargain, but you get what you pay for, and that’s probably not much.
  3. Request a written estimate and contract and beware of movers that just give you a price over the phone. Good businesses typically also have good business practices.
  4. Confirm they are covered by insurance and clarify their policy regarding lost or broken items; make sure you receive a copy of their insurance certificate.
  5. The number one complaint received about movers by the Better Business Bureau is unexpected extra charges. So always ask about the circumstances under which extra charges might be added to your bill.

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