When to Consider Buying that Diamond in the Rough

Let’s face it. When you visit a home during a scheduled viewing or open house, you’re usually seeing it at its best. The rooms are tidy. The sinks are clean. The closets are organized and uncluttered. Even the lighting is set to its brightest.

That’s just good old-fashioned marketing (the same stuff we’re always telling you to do if you’re selling your home).

Some Homes Might Look Rough

Not every house you see will actually look clean, staged, and set up to sell. For any number of reasons, a house on the market may be less than tidy, poorly decorated, and even in need of minor repairs. You may open the front door in anticipation, only to be immediately turned off by stains on the carpets, faded paint on the walls, cluttered hallways, and more.

First impressions form quickly. It’s easy to make quick judgments and move on. The only problem is that you may be passing up what could be your dream home.

Just A Little Polish

Don’t forget to take a look just under the surface. You want to make your purchase decision based on your careful consideration, not merely a single impression.

When viewing a house, imagine how it will look with just a little polish: a fresh coat of paint, some redecorating, the minor repairs completed, and your furniture adorning the rooms. You might find that a home that doesn’t show well is really a diamond in the rough.

As Always: Be careful of houses that don’t look like they’ve been well maintained. There could be issues lurking that require expensive repairs or renovations. Always make a professional home inspection a condition of your offer.

Other Hidden Gems

There are other advantages to buying a home that doesn’t show well. For example, these homes often attract less interest, which can also mean less competition from other potential buyers. Added bonus? The listing price may be lower too (can’t argue with that!).

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